Fluvial Innovations offers commercial flood protection for your business and works closely with Local Authorities, The Environment Agency, Utility companies and Commercial property owners to ensure appropriate flood defences are in place when a flood threat is present.

When a flood warning is present – speed and ease of assembly is the key to protecting your commercial property. The FloodBlock barrier enables commercial owners to rapidly deploy an effective flood barrier in minutes.

Key Benefits of FloodBlock™ barriers:

  • Rapidly deployable by one person
  • Extremely easy to assemble
  • Lightweight
  • More effective than sandbagging
  • Modular units can self-fill with the rising flood waters
  • Requires no specialist training
  • Minimal storage space required

Problems with using sandbagging:

  • Time consuming to assemble
  • Large amount of manpower and resources required to assemble
  • Excessively leak
  • Sandbags start to rot after use
  • They can only be used once, not repeatable

Down with the sandbag!

Around the world sandbags are still used at the eleventh hour to try and protect households and premises from flooding. Unfortunately, time and time again, sandbag barriers prove utterly ineffective when used as flood protection.

Why is commercial flood protection so important?

During the UK Summer floods of 2007 large swathes of the United Kingdom were flooded. The floods caused 13 deaths, affected nearly 50,000 homes and 7,000 businesses in England and involved more than 80 local authorities. Due to the devastation of the flooding and the perceived unpreparedness of emergency responders the Government asked Sir Michael Pitt to review the flood event.   In his subsequent report he made a number of recommendations to ensure communities were better protected in the future.

Two of these recommendations made a direct reference to the use of sandbags as a flood defence measure.

ES.49 – “…The Review was unable to obtain any significant evidence that sandbags were particularly effective during the 2007 summer floods in providing protection to individual households.”

ES.50 – “…The general provision of sandbags should be phased out in favour of better products..”

For any commercial flood defence problem FloodBLOCKTM has the solution.

Our innovative solution are not only pragmatic but are also cost effective.  Contact a member of the team now on 01202 678580 or use or contact form to discuss how we can assist in protecting your commercial property.

We are using the system and it is working great; Floodstop is keeping our platform and car park open and safe to our customers and colleagues during recent extreme weather and associated flooding.

Regional Retail Manager, First Great Western

We discovered that Floodstop barriers are a fraction of the cost of alternative flood prevention products on the market. Knowing we have effective prevention from the threat of flooding is a great weight off our minds. They are easy and simple to use and when the job is done they can be simply picked up and put back in the garage.

A.Pulford, private householder

We are delighted that we now have an easy to deploy flood prevention system on the island. It will allow us to protect our newly refurbished reception when we have exceptionally high tides. We were completely fed up with deploying sandbags in the past. The barrier was in action today and prevented flooding of the walkway and reception. It’s fantastic.

Angela Cott, National Trust Property Manager at Brownsea Island

We have had to use the Floodstop over the weekend and what a fantastic job it did for us!!

Private Householder, N.E England

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