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Fresh storms threaten to bring more flooding to the UK, including areas already hit by severe flooding

By December 29, 2015Flood Protection News

Storm Frank is due to sweep in from Tuesday evening, with Cumbria and south and central Scotland at high risk.


There are currently nine severe flood warnings in England and Wales. These warnings are mostly in areas that have already been flooded. Including in York.


The minster for flooding Rory Stewart has told BBC Radio 4’s Today programme that the government was open to the idea of an external review being held and expressed concern over Storm Frank. The Met Office said parts of Cumbria, Lancashire and Yorkshire had seen record levels of rainfall for December. Analysts estimate the cost of flooding across northern England could exceed £1.5bn.


This month has seem communities in Lancashire, Greater Manchester and Yorkshire swamped by rising waters and Storm Frank now poses a new threat.


Currently in York further ad-hoc flood protection measures are being undertaken to protect key infrastructure. Where modern flood barriers (such as FloodBlock) are not available – sandbags barriers are being deployed by the army.


Following the devastating Summer Floods of 2007, a review was undertaken by Sir Michael Pitt. One of the Pitt review findings and recommendations advised that sandbags are ineffective for flood protection and that they should be phased out and replaced by modern flood protection barriers.  FloodBlock is a proven method of rapid flood defence protection (CLICK HERE to see a video of FloodBlock in action).