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National Trust Carries Out Flood Defence Exercise With FloodBLOCK

By February 16, 2015Flood Protection News

The National Trust carried out a large flood defence exercise today at Knoll Beach in Dorset, UK.

A deployment exercise was undertaken to ensure all the relevant teams in the area could deploy a large quantity of the FloodBlock barrier at speed.  The deployment excercise was a success – the facilities at Knoll beach now have an effective rapidly deployable flood protection method.


“We have been thinking more about our Café and Retail operation in light of last year’s high tides and storms.  Being based on a beach and open 364 days of the year we need to maintain business continuity as much as we can. ‘FloodBlock’ flood defence barrier has been an ideal solution to allow us to deploy a flood barrier quickly and efficiently to allow us to continue trading and give peace of mind. I have been very impressed with the ease of operation of the system and the benefits it can bring.”

Emma Wright-Operations manager, National Trust Studland