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What Causes Flooding Infographic?

By October 29, 2015Flood Protection News

Flooding can have a devastating impact upon the lives of those affected: whether that is in damage to property or vehicles, injury or – in the worst case scenario – loss of life.

It can be caused in two ways: a set of naturally occurring events that we, as a community or as individuals, can do little to prevent (although we can minimise the damage caused), and also through ‘man-made’ circumstances – some of which are quite surprising and easily avoidable.

It is quite noticeable that in some of the worse cases of flooding to hit the planet, many could have been avoided – or at least the damage limited – with effective planning and aforethought. Homeowners and business managers can implement technologies, like FloodBlock for example, to significantly reduce the amount of flood water entering a property.

And then there are the failings of local councils and planning authorities to effectively put measures in place to prevent the life-changing damages to people and property.

So what are the main causes of flooding, and – looking at examples – is there any way they can be prevented?

Flooding Infographic