FloodBlock units - can automatically fill with the rising flood waters.



25-metres can be stored on a single pallet. Most colours available.




Unique Flood Protection System


When a flood threat is present there will be an urgent need for rapidly available flood barriers. Preventing water entering your home and keeping precious possessions dry is a situation which requires fast thinking and organisation. Part of that preparation includes ensuring you have a reliable and flexible flood barriers to hand.

Domestic flood barriers

There are millions of homes in the UK at risk from flooding.  There are many causes for flooding, this includes tidal (coast) and river flooding.  There has also been an increase in surface water and ground water flooding due to ongoing urban development on flood plains (such as building houses) and a saturated water table due to wetter winters.

The solution is to buy the FloodBlock system which can be quickly deployed by one person. The system is durable and robust.  FloodBlock has been developed to mitigate against the threat of pluvial (surface water), fluvial (river) and coastal flooding.

Up to date technology every household at risk should own

FloodBlock is in use by customers throughout Europe.  Customers include The National Trust who deploy the system to protect key assets at risk from flooding.  To buy your own peace of mind, order today.

The importance of being prepared

The importance of protecting your property using UK flood barriers should not be overlooked.   If your property is located in a flood plain it is vital you mitigate with a solution such as FloodBlock flood barriers.

FloodBlock can be stacked into a small area, requiring only a tiny footprint.  This means it can be easily stored unobtrusively in the garage or garden.  A unique solution which is flexible and can protect any length or angle of opening, the units can self-fill with the rising waters or have extra ballast added if necessary.  Our systems are far more effective than the ubiquitous, ineffective sandbag.

Suitable for all to put in place when a threat strikes

Needing no specialist training to put assemble, the lightweight barrier can be constructed in minutes.  Simple wall connector units can be used to securely fix the barrier to in-stiu objects, such as walls etc.  FloodBlock units are reusable and highly mobile.  In comparison to the lifetime cost of sandbagging – FloodBlock is comparable if not cheaper.

With no flood barrier protection you are at risk from the devastation of flooding.  Being flooded is a traumatic experience, emotionally as well financially.  Prepare now, and call a member of Fluvial team to see how we can help you.