FloodBlock units - can automatically fill with the rising flood waters.



25-metres can be stored on a single pallet. Most colours available.




Unique Flood Protection System


Planning flood defences for your home is important. With the incidence of flood increasing year on year, flood defence systems should be investigated.

Household flood defence

When there’s the threat of a flood, having a plan in place to deploy a durable and reliable flood defence barrier is crucial. Having one which can be rapidly deployed is necessary in emergency situations such as flash flooding.

FloodBlock offers the solution for domestic properties at risk. It’s a lightweight, modular system which can be deployed by just one person.  A simple yet effective flood defence barrier which is reusable and can be stacked and stored into a small space.  FloodBlock is a minor investment to make when compared to the damage which is caused by flood waters.

A defence which is easy to store until required

The units stack within themselves – up to 20 metres of barrier can be delivered on a single euro pallet. This means the amount of storage space needed within the home is small; they can sit unobtrusively in a shed, garage or garden.

Flood Defences UK

When flooding hits around the world, the first thought for flood defences is to use sandbags. These are difficult to fill and deploy, and they take many people to put in place. Local authorities are not obliged to have stores ready for every household as their responsibility is the overall safety of people, not property, at risk. This means that owning a robust flood barrier which is effective enough for the majority of scenarios is important for any household at risk.

FloodBlock is robust and can be reused time and time again.  This is unlike sandbags which rot when left in place. It’s a system which can be utilised for short or long periods of time.   The flexibility of FloodBlock means that any length can be created by connecting the modular units together using the connection keys.

Be prepared to defend your property

Buy FloodBlock today for security and peace of mind.  Defending your family from the devastation of flooding is easy and straight forward with a proven protection method such as FloodBlock so contact us today for a quote.