FloodBlock units - can automatically fill with the rising flood waters.



25-metres can be stored on a single pallet. Most colours available.




Unique Flood Protection System


When there’s the threat of a flood, it’s crucial to put a flood prevention plan in place as soon as possible to save time, save possessions and to be safe.

Ways to prevent flooding

Over the years, sandbags have been the most popular way of ‘attempting’ to prevent flood water from entering buildings. Sandbagging is an old technology, they are cumbersome and slow to assemble into barriers.  More importantly, they seep excessively and have been shown time and time gain to be ineffective at holding back flood waters.

It’s time to move on; the solution for the 21st century is FloodBlock. When looking at ways to prevent flooding, this is a proven and unique system.  Our systems are used throughout Europe, including by UK local authorities as a flood prevention method.

Flood prevention which works

Tried and tested in the toughest of conditions, FloodBlock is the solution when looking at flood prevention methods. The engineers behind this solution looked at ways to prevent flooding using modern technology. The result being a system that was lightweight and could be rapidly deployed by one person.  This was achieved by using the weight of rising flood waters, to hold the flood waters back.

A modern engineering solution to an age-old problem

Flooding has always affected the UK but the incidences are increasing.  Experts predict that over the coming decades there will be more flooding with a greater number of areas affected so flood prevention products are becoming more important.

FloodBlock is unique in that it can be rapidly deployed by one person – whilst remaining robust once deployed.  The FloodBlock barrier incorporate 1-metre long modular units which are connected using weighted connection keys.   Half of the FloodBlock units in an assembled barrier actually fill with the rising flood waters via inlet valves.  The weight of the rising flood waters combined with the weighted connection key ensures that the barrier will be denser than the surrounding water – meaning that the barrier will hold back the surrounding flood waters.  Modular units can also be pre-filled with water or sand ballast depending on the scenario.

Each FloodBlock unit incorporates a hard-wearing foam gasket base. This gasket creates a seal with the ground terrain, ensuring a good seal.

Choose FloodBlock to ensure your family can act with speed in a flood

When a flood threat threatens, speed is essential so if you want to protect your property and assets please call us today.