Simple Wall Connector.


Protect any area of your home.


Flood Protection for openings of any size.

FloodBlock™ offers flood protection for openings of any size or length.

Simply assemble the barrier to the required aperture length – each FloodBlock is a metre long.  The ends of the assembled barrier can then be fixed to insitu terrain (such as a wall) using a wall connector.

The wall connector is simply fixed to the wall under pressure or with a single anchor bolt when the flood threat is present.

Let us the know the length of the opening you wish to ‘block off’ and we will do the rest..

Key benefits of the FloodBlock™ flood barrier include:

  • Rapidly deployable by one person
  • Extremely easy to assemble
  • Lightweight
  • More effective than sandbagging
  • Modular units can self-fill with the rising flood waters
  • High quality, field tested technology
  • Requires no specialist training
  • Minimal storage space required – 20 m can be stored on a single pallet
  • Non bespoke

Commercial & Domestic Flood Protection


If you’re domestic or commercial property owner  the risk of flooding can cause real anxiety when a flood warning is present.   The cost of cleaing up after a flood can run into thousands of pounds – let alone the time you have to vacate the building whilst the clean up is undertaken. Effective flood prevention is a must for for anyone who is located in a flood risk area.


Domestic & Commercial properties can be protected from the devastation of flooding by deploying FloodBlock™ to surround your perimeter or to ‘block off’ openings.


Please contact us now for guidance on how the Flood Block Barrier can be deployed to protect your assets.


For further information on the protection of domestic properties – please visit our Domestic flood protection page.