FloodBlock units - can automatically fill with the rising flood waters.



25-metres can be stored on a single pallet. Most colours available.




Unique Flood Protection System


Flood Protection

Keeping water at bay when there’s a flood is incredibly difficult.  Sandbags are ineffective as Flood Protection and not always readily available when a flood threat is present.  They are difficult and cumbersome to fill and assemble into a sandbag barrier.

When there’s an emergency situation, there needs to be a quick and easy solution which can be put in place as soon as possible. That solution is the FloodBlock barrier.

Stackable Flood Protection with minimal storage requirements

FloodBlock has been designed so modular units can stack within itself when not deployed. Only minimal storage space is required for storage or haulage.   20 metres of flood protection can be stored on a single euro pallet.  Storage requirements for the FloodBlock barrier are small in comparison to other systems.

Protect family and possessions today

Changes to the environment and the way we live our day to day lives mean that as each year passes, the threat of flooding increases. Buy FloodBlock today and protect your home and possessions for many years to come.

Flood Protection Products and Solutions

FloodBlock is a unique product, where any number of 1 metre long units can be connected to each other in a matter of minutes. The system is flexible and any length or corner can be assembled.  The barrier can also be easily assembled to in-situ objects (such as walls) using the patented wall connector.

Deploying FloodBlock means that doors and driveways of any length can be quickly ‘blocked off’ with a robust and effective flood barrier.  No specialist training is needed to put them place. This means that anyone in the family can deploy them should there be a need.

Any opening can be protected, even large areas such as construction sites, river banks can be protected. It’s a reusable system that can be easily packed away when the waters have receded, unlike sandbags which quickly rot.  For flood protection and flood protection solutions please contact us further details.