FloodBlockTM – Easy installation & fast deployment

FloodBlock™ is a robust, flexible flood barrier.  The flood defence barrier can be rapidly deployed by one person.

The FloodBlock barrier is made up of FloodBlock modular units which can be connected up, to any length and in any direction, using weighted connection keys.

FloodBlock units actually fill with the rising flood waters.  The combined weight of the rising flood waters and weighted connections keys, means that an assembled flood block barrier will always be denser than the flood water.

Each FloodBlock unit incorporates a hardwearing foam gasket base. When the foam gasket is placed under pressure by the self-filling / weighted units a seal with the ground is created.

The beauty of this patented flood defence system is that no bolting to the ground is required.

Beautiful flexibility

  • FloodBlock units can be set, so they automatically fill with the rising flood waters.
  • Modular units can also be pre-filled with water ballast – simply locate the bungs in the ‘self-filling’ holes on the front face of units.  All units are interchangeable between self-filling and pre-filling type.
  • When a barrier is assembled we recommend every other FloodBlock unit is pre-filled with water ballast – with the remainder being self-filling.
  • For significant flood flows FloodBlock units can be filled with any ballast to hand – such as sand or rubble.
  • FloodBlock units have been designed so that when stored up to  20 metres of flood defence barrier can be stored on a single pallet.