Large area flood protection

Easy assembly in any direction

FloodBlock™ offers large area flood protection and can be assembled to any length – and in any direction.  This gives complete flexibility when protecting a site or location from the devastation of flooding.

100-metres of the Floodblock flood defence barrier can be stored and shipped on 5 pallets!

For more information on commercial flood protection please visit our commercial flood protection page.

Key benefits of the FloodBlock™ flood barrier include:

  • Rapidly deployable by one person
  • Extremely easy to assemble
  • Lightweight
  • More effective than sandbagging
  • High quality, field tested technology
  • Requires no specialist training
  • Minimal storage space required – 20 m can be stored on a single pallet
  • Non bespoke

Large area flood protection

Flooding can affect any location – large or small.  Where a home can be protected with a small number of flood block flood defence units across a driveway or door, there can be instances where the protection of a much large site is needed.  FloodBlock can be deployed just as easily to protect large areas form the risk of flooding.

Large area flood protection examples can include:

  • Strengthening existing sea defences
  • Beach areas
  • Construction sites
  • Marinas
  • Slipway jetties
  • Large buildings

Ease of use

Using FloodBLOCK is just as straight forward for a greater size area as it is for a single household. The system remains flexible, easy to put in place, stackable when not in use and can be delivered on a single pallet containing up to 20 metres of flood barrier.  This means 100 metres of flood protection can be stored on just five pallets.

Fully operational for all size requirements

Even for the largest commercial buildings, FloodBlock can be deployed to rapidly protect the building and its internal assets. Detached buildings of any size can be protected by encircling the whole site with FloodBlock – simply assemble the modular units and connect them up using the weighted connection keys.

For wide openings such as a waterways, driveways, jetties or to block off the front of a large building with walls either side, it’s the same procedure but with the simple addition of a wall connector.

Anyone can deploy the system

FloodBlock is far more effective than sandbags.  The system requires no construction works, specialist training or particular physical strength to deploy.  Anyone who is on site when there is a threat of flooding can help to rapidly protect the affected area.

Popular on coastal areas for quaysides, promenades and marinas – FloodBlock is a mobile, reusable system which has been used around the world for flood protection.

When a storm hits and there’s a tidal surge, those on the coast need to put protection into place swiftly. Using this system means that sea defences can be strengthened, promenades protected and transport links such as train lines which run close to the sea can be kept safe.

FloodBlock can be assembled in any direction so it doesn’t matter where protection is required, the system is designed for every eventuality.  It’s easy to purchase, straight forward to deliver and has the benefits of a minimal deployment and storage footprint.