Unique Reservoir Containment System

Reservoir Containment

The FloodBlock™ flood defence barrier can be assembled to any length, and in any direction – offering maximum reservoir containment. This means any sized reservoir/bund can be deployed.  This is a practical solution to the protection of sites from stored chemicals/fuel or simply if you wish to create a water-filled pool.


FloodBlock™ is a mobile and reusable system for primary and secondary fluid containment. FloodBlock will help you control costs and is more effective than traditional spill-containment alternatives. The system effective for hazmat containment, erosion control, and water diversion.  Please let us know if you are looking to protect/bund specific chemicals

FloodBlock™ can be simple assembled to form a reservoir – uses include:

  • Spill kit
  • Sludge/slurry containment
  • Fluid containment